Policy development and review: sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence

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Strong policies and processes maintain a culture of safety and respect. Educating managers, supervisors and team leaders is integral to creating and maintaining strong policies and practices. Appropriate policies and procedures ensure that staff experiencing violence have a safe space to work and access support.

Workplaces play a critical role in supporting staff who experience violence and in promoting gender equality. Research has shown that gender inequality is the underlying cause of violence against women.

Full Stop Australia can:

  • Support organisations to develop domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault/sexual harassment strategies
  • Review existing policy and procedures against established benchmarks, and propose recommendations for improvement

Our professional services

At Full Stop Australia, we work with organisations to develop customised evidence-based solutions to meet identified needs.

We engage in ongoing research to ensure our service align with best national and international practice in the field. Our organisations’ work is evidence based and we strive to deliver services of the highest quality.

We have extensive success in providing trauma-specialised interventions and supervision to frontline, advanced practitioners and leaders.

All vicarious trauma management training programs are audited regularly to ensure the information provided is evidence-based and current. Programs can be tailored based on the needs of each organisation and can be delivered to clinical and non-clinical audiences.

  • One in five women and one in twenty men have experienced sexual violence;
  • One in two women and one in four men have experienced sexual harassment;
  • One in six women and one in sixteen men have experienced at least once incident of violence.
  • Full Stop Australia can help organisations review and/or develop strong policies around sexual violence.

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