Our board

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Our board are passionate and committed individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds determined to put a full stop to sexual, domestic and family violence.

Our board

The board of Full Stop Australia seeks to build a collective sense of purpose and direction to enable our organisation to identify and meet its philosophy, goals and priorities.

In doing this the board draws on the diversity of the community it serves and seeks members who have the skills needed to provide effective governance.

Members of the current board are passionate and committed individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Chair: Dr Kate Gleeson

Dr Kate Gleeson is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Macquarie University with specialist expertise in civil and criminal justice for sexual violence, including child sexual abuse. Kate has a PhD in Politics and International Relations from UNSW and has previously served as an executive member of the Australian Political Studies Association.

Kate’s professional background includes diverse roles in industrial relations, gender equality policy and child protection.

Along with her two decades of experience teaching about gender, sexual politics and law in university classrooms, Kate has conducted workplace training in Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific.

Board Member Kate Gleeson photo

Treasurer: Georgie Smart

Georgie Smart is a financial, business and accounting professional who started out her career in the early childhood and community development sectors. Holding both a master’s in professional accounting and an MBA,

Georgie is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants and is currently running her own business that supports the finance and governance functions for various NFP services and small, community focused businesses.

Along with professional financial regulation, Georgie is passionate about demystifying money and uses her skills to educate and empower individuals and organisations about money and finance.

As a social justice advocate, she firmly believes that community-based enterprises with strong governance and strategy are essential in our society to support those who have somehow slipped through the cracks and need to again become part of the community embrace.

“With strong liaison between funding bodies and services providers, like Full Stop Australia, social advantage can become a strong base platform for many more people across many types of communities," she says.

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Secretary: Vijaya Nagarajan

Vijaya Nagarajan works in the areas of gender equality, corporate governance, and commercial regulation. As a consultant, Vijaya has worked in several Pacific countries focussed on gender equity and women’s economic empowerment. Her contribution includes implementing pilot programs involving women in the private sector in Solomon Islands, designing participation processes that allow women’s voices in PNG, policy recommendations on closing the gap between women and men’s access to superannuation benefits across the Pacific region. Her analysis has informed policy development, as illustrated by the publication of Women and business in the pacific.

Vijaya has been an academic for over three decades. As Professor in the Law School at Macquarie University she served in several leadership positions including Acting Dean and is the recipient of numerous awards including a University Teaching Award. Her research, publications and teaching have been in the areas of corporation governance and competition regulation. She continues her affiliation with Macquarie University as Emeritus Professor and her current research looks at how businesses address climate change risk.

Vijaya brings her knowledge of governance and passion for gender justice to this role with Full Stop Australia.

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Board member: Gail Meyer

Having a long history of working in the women’s health sector Gail can contribute to effective governance through expertise, qualifications in management, community management, Human Resource management and knowledge of the sector issues and challenges.

Gail has Board experience at Women’s Health NSW and also at a rural organisation. Gail works in a feminist philosophy within a trauma informed framework and ensures women have contact details for Full Stop Australia to allow access to trauma informed services 24/7.

This therefore addresses gaps in services in a rural setting including out of hours access. This support is an important aspect of the framework of Full Stop Australia as it progresses into the future and confirms the necessity for services to work together.

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Board member: Nikita Knapp

Nikita Knapp is a Child Protection Case Worker in a Family Support Service. Nikita graduated from The University of Sydney in 2018 with a Bachelor of Social Work and Arts majoring in Gender Studies.

Nikita is passionate about working against gender inequalities and empowering women and children to re-establish safety and security after experiencing violence.

Board Member Nikita Knapp photo

Board member: Dr Meg Clement-Couzner

Meg Clement-Couzner is a feminist social policy expert in disability and gender. She is currently Senior Policy Officer at People with Disability Australia with responsibility for violence prevention and access to justice, including leading policy work on the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

Meg previously worked at Family Advocacy NSW, where she managed systemic advocacy, with a particular focus on inclusive education. Meg holds a PhD on the intersection of gender studies and economic justice.

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Board member: Laura Entwistle

Laura is a Director in Deloitte who supports clients with their technology strategy, operations and transformations. She brings business and technology expertise to the board to support complex decisions in these areas. She gained a BSC Hons in Business and Computer Science at University.

Laura is a mum of one and enjoys travelling and photography in her spare time. She is originally from the UK and moved to Australia in 2018.

Laura has previous board experience from the UK and vast volunteering experience. She is passionate about gender equality and eliminating sexual violence.

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