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Full Stop Australia develops submissions to government inquiries in every Australian jurisdiction to inform policy, practice and law reform impacting upon our clients' safety, justice and wellbeing.

In our consultation processes, we seek feedback from both our frontline trauma specialist counsellors and our clients who have expressed an interest in having their say on the systems and processes impacting upon their own safety.

We do this in partnership with our sector partners, such as the National Association of Services Against Sexual Assault and key state and territory based sexual, domestic and family violence peaks and services who are leading reform efforts in their respective jurisdictions.

Laura Henschke is our Advocacy Manager and leads the work on all our submissions. Her role is principally supported by the Pinnacle Charitable Foundation as a philanthropic grant in addition to community donations.

If you would like to discuss an issue of policy, practice or law reform, please do not hesitate to contact Laura on (02) 8585 0333 or by email at

Some of our submissions are subject to cabinet in confidence, but you can access copies of our public submissions below.

Tasmanian Submission

Submission to the Tasmanian Government May 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

The Tasmanian Government is seeking specific feedback on our current Action Plan, Safe Homes, Families and Communities: Tasmania’s action plan for family and sexual violence 2019-2022.

Full Stop Australia thanks the Tasmanian Government for the opportunity to submit and strongly urges for an increase in long-term core funding for specialist sexual violence services to meet increased demand.

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Submission to the QLD Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce Discussion Paper 3 April 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

The Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce is seeking feedback to assist with necessary reform of the criminal justice system in Queensland.

Full Stop Australia thanks the taskforce for the opportunity and calls for the Queensland criminal justice system to urgently undertake comprehensive, systematic and whole-of-government reform.

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Submission on the Implementation Considerations for the Criminalisation of Coercive Control in South Australia (PDF 1945kb)

Full Stop Australia supports the criminalisation of coercive control as one piece of a broader plan of action to properly and meaningfully respond to the scourge of coercive control.

Criminalisation in and of itself is not a silver bullet and must be accompanied by whole-of-government measures to educate, inform and train the justice system and the wider community.

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Submission to the NSW Treasury Women’s Economic Opportunities Review March 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

The NSW Treasury is leading a landmark Women’s Economic Opportunities Review which will consider how to improve women’s economic security through increased economic participation over the next 5-10 years.

Full Stop Australia warmly welcomes this review as a once-in-a generation opportunity to develop meaningful policies and programs which will lift women’s economic security and participation.

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Tasmania's Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2022- February 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

The Tasmanian Government drafted a Bill to introduce an offence of Strangulation and an addition to the definition of consent in s2A regarding Stealthing.

Full Stop Australia is very supportive of the insertion of a specific provision relating to stealthing in the law relating to consent, and also the inclusion of a new, specific offence of strangulation. However, concerns were raised relating to the form of both provisions.

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Crimes and Other Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Criminal Justice Response to Sexual Violence and Other Measures) - February 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

Full Stop Australia is firmly of the belief that the implementation of sexual violence law reform at a Commonwealth level provides a critical benchmark for State and Territory Governments to follow.

In this regard, while Full Stop Australia is broadly supportive of the reforms proposed as a first step, we submit that the Government should consider implementing further reforms as much as is possible and in the interests of justice.

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NSW Pre-Budget Submission 2022/23: Improving Access to Sexual Violence Services - February 2022 (PDF 1945kb)

The NSW Sexual Violence Helpline (formerly NSW Rape Crisis) is the state-wide 24/7 specialist counselling and care navigation service for people in NSW impacted by sexual violence. The NSW Government has been funding Full Stop Australia's NSW Sexual Violence Helpline for nearly 50 years.

This funding submission includes recommendations for the expansion of the NSW Sexual Violence Helpline to meet rising demand and to improve accessibility for at-risk cohorts.

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