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2021 Submissions

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Submission to the QLD Sentencing Advisory Council Review of the Serious Violent Offences Scheme in the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 - 20 December 2021 (PDF 230k)

Open Letter regarding Additional Barriers for Victim-Survivors to Access Counselling and the Increasing Lack of Transparency and Accountability of Victim Services - 29 November 2021 (PDF 230k)

Submission to the NSW Audit Office NSW Police Responses to Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence - 11 November 2021 (PDF 230k)

Submission on Family Violence Reforms Bill - 25 October 2021 (PDF 1MB)

Submission on Queensland's Women's Strategy - 18 October 2021 (PDF 1MB)

Submission Review of Historical Sentencing Practices for Historical Offences - 29 July 2021 (PDF 907KB)

Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission on Consultation Paper 22: Open Justice: Court and tribunal information: access, disclosure and publication - 18 February 2021 (PDF 272KB)

Submission to NSW Parliament's Joint Select Committee on Coercive Control - 28 January 2021 (PDF 404KB)