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Training: Sex, Safety & Respect: understanding consent

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This workshop aims to reduce unwanted and pressured sex, but not at the expense of the positive experiences it can provide. Students are introduced to the Sex & Ethics Framework for sexual decision making and will learn about the ethical use of social media and technology.

Sex, Safety & Respect: understanding consent to prevent sexual violence in universities reflects the latest refinements of the Sex & Ethics program and sexual violence prevention education specifically targeting university contexts.

This program is unique in drawing together international research and best practice on gender violence prevention and sexuality education.

It offers a method of making relationships and sexual intimacy ‘work better’, acknowledging both pleasure and danger. It aims to reduce unwanted and pressured sex, but not at the expense of the positive experiences sex can provide.

The program offers young people the opportunity to practice or develop knowledge and skills to realise this potential. It also offers an opportunity to explore both pleasure and potential danger from an ethical stance.

The key objective of the program is to contribute to new cultural norms of non-violence and ethical relating for women and men.

This three-hour workshop is designed for student leaders within housing and other key positions to influence the behaviour of their peers and campus culture.

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • Key concepts concerning sexual violence and primary prevention in the Australian context
  • The Sex & Ethics framework for ethical consent developed by academic Moira Carmody
  • Ethical negotiation and communication of consent;
  • Ethical use of digital media
  • Skills in being an ethical bystander
Duration Appropriate for Maximum participants
3 hours Student leaders in key positions to influence behaviour and campus culture 20

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