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Training: workplace responses to domestic and family violence

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When someone discloses domestic or family violence, your response is critical to their recovery and decisions about what to do next.

Workplaces have a responsibility to understand the impacts of domestic and family violence, and to respond with compassion.

This training workshop has been developed to provide practical and proactive skills for leadership staff who are responding to disclosures of domestic and family violence, and supporting staff toward recovery.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the bigger picture of domestic and family violence in Australia, and how this impacts workplaces
  • Discuss workplace roles and responsibilities
  • Identify perpetrator tactics of power and control
  • Gain a working knowledge of trauma responses
  • Gain skills in responding with compassion to disclosures of violence
  • Understand the principles of creating individual safety plans
  • Discuss best practices policies and procedures

The workshop includes complex case studies that focus on developing solutions based on the needs of the person experiencing violence.

Duration Appropriate for Maximum participants
4.5 hours Managers, supervisors, team leaders, People & Culture / Human Resources teams 20 per workshop

By partnering with Full Stop Australia we have been able to give our managers an acute understanding of the role they play in not only promoting this culture of respect, but also support them in recognising signs and having meaningful conversations to support those victims and survivors of domestic and family violence.

- Participant, REA Group
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