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Professional services: vicarious trauma management

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Professional services: vicarious trauma management

  • Vicarious trauma can seriously impact on the well-being of a workforce and organisation;
  • If people are exposed to trauma at work, the impacts they may experience should be managed within the WH&S framework;
  • Vicarious trauma can be off-set though self-care strategies.

Vicarious trauma management

Full Stop Australia operates from evidence-based practice. In seeking to manage the risk and impacts of vicarious traumatisation on its own workforce, the organisation researched and developed its own Vicarious Trauma Management Program.

In 2007, this Program received the WorkCover NSW’s Safe Work Award for ‘The Best Solution to an Identified Occupational Health and Safety Issue’.

We can assist organisations to respond to vicarious trauma and design and implement effective vicarious trauma management frameworks.

At Full Stop Australia, we believe that a collaborative process is the foundation for effectively managing vicarious trauma.

We work closely with all clients to ensure that the framework and services provided are tailored to the needs of the organisation.

What is vicarious trauma?

Vicarious trauma refers to the detrimental impacts suffered by people who are indirectly exposed to traumatic material. Workers are exposed to traumatic material when they are deployed in disaster or combat zones, assist others in emergencies, or witness or hear about incidents of abuse, violence, torture, or neglect.

The only predictor of whether or not a person will experience vicarious trauma is their exposure to traumatic material. This means that if people are exposed to traumatic material as a product of their work, vicarious trauma is a work, health and safety hazard.

While vicarious trauma is a considerable WH&S risk, it can be managed effectively. Managing vicarious trauma not only promotes the wellbeing of staff, it is cost effective and assists organisations in proactively complying with work, health and safety requirements.

Our professional services

At Full Stop Australia, we work with organisations to develop customised evidence-based solutions to meet identified needs.

We engage in ongoing research to ensure our service align with best national and international practice in the field. Our organisations’ work is evidence based and we strive to deliver services of the highest quality.

We have extensive success in providing trauma-specialised interventions and supervision to frontline, advanced practitioners and leaders.

All vicarious trauma management training programs are audited regularly to ensure the information provided is evidence-based and current. Programs can be tailored based on the needs of each organisation and can be delivered to clinical and non-clinical audiences.