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Training: Breaking barriers - transitioning to telephone counselling for clinicians (e-learning)

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Telehealth service delivery is a specialised skill. To practice without training and competency can have significant impacts on clients who present with mental heath issues. This training will help you develop a greater understanding of working with clients via telephone.

This 4-hour workshop help clinicians further develop skills in working therapeutically over the phone.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Develop the capacity to respond to the exacerbated mental health needs and demands of existing clients
  • Develop the capacity to respond to the needs of new clients who are experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression as a response to COVID-19 impacts
  • Safeguard the welfare of clients by ensuring ethical and competent psychological practice while using a new modality of delivery
  • Identify the efficacy of telephone counselling
  • Understand advantages and challenges
  • Convey empathy over the telephone
  • Manage risk of harm
  • Learn valuable skills in de-escalating emotion over the phone
  • Facilitate effective referrals
  • Receive an overview of vicarious trauma and self care
Duration Appropriate for
4 hours Clinicians

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This program is supported by City of Sydney.

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