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Professional services: help with self care for professionals

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Vicarious trauma can seriously impact the well-being of a workforce and organisation. Supervision and debriefing is essential for psychologists, counsellors and frontline workers.

Our professional services include vicarious trauma management solutions, training packages, debriefing and supervision for clinicians, self care plans, and trauma-focused therapies.

Ongoing supervision is essential to the wellbeing of trauma counsellors. Researchers and clinicians recommend the use of supervision to help monitor signs of vicarious trauma and to manage symptoms of vicarious trauma as they arise.

Full Stop Australia provides vicarious trauma focused clinical and non-clinical supervision and debriefs for supervisors, managers and front-line workers working in the field of sexual, domestic and/or family violence around Australia.

Duration Appropriate for Mode
1.5 hours for first session. 1 hour thereafter. Individuals Face-to-face, phone, online
2 hours Groups Face-to-face, phone, online

Vicarious trauma can be offset though self-care strategies.

Full Stop Australia can also provide self care planning for individuals to offset vicarious trauma by:

  • Identifying vicarious trauma symptoms and how to recognise these
  • Discussing management of vicarious trauma
  • Effective self-care planning
  • Assessing the effectiveness of self-care plans
  • Develop an effective self-care plans
  • Assess self-care plans effectively

Our counsellors access external supervision provided by Full Stop and this has been an invaluable part of our organisation’s vicarious trauma management strategy.

- Gail, Wagga Women’s Health Centre
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