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Professional services for psychologists and counsellors

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Professional services for psychologists and counsellors

  • Training can provide professionals with knowledge and skills to respond to vicarious trauma;
  • Supervision and debriefing is essential to the wellbeing of psychologists, counsellors and frontline workers;
  • Vicarious trauma can be off-set though self-care strategies.

Vicarious trauma management

Vicarious trauma can seriously impact on the well-being of a workforce and organisation. Managing vicarious trauma not only promotes the wellbeing of staff, it is cost effective and assists organisations in proactively complying with work, health and safety requirements.

Vicarious trauma can produce significant and prolonged human and financial costs in the following areas:

  • Employee physical and mental well-being;
  • Employee work performance;
  • Collegial relationships;
  • Workplace culture;
  • Staff attrition rates;
  • Unplanned absences from the workplace;
  • Worker compensation claims.

Supervision debriefing and self-care planning

Full Stop Australia provides vicarious trauma focused external clinical and non-clinical supervision and debriefs for supervisors, managers and front-line workers working in the field of sexual, domestic and/or family violence around Australia.

Ongoing supervision is essential to the wellbeing of trauma counsellors. Researchers and clinicians recommend the use of supervision to help monitor signs of vicarious trauma and to manage symptoms of vicarious trauma as they arise.

Types of supervision: Individual. Clinical (cases), vicarious trauma management.

Duration: Individual - one hour / 1.5 for the first session. Groups supervision - two hours

Mode: Face to face, phone, Skype

Full Stop Australia can also provide self care planning for individuals to offset vicarious trauma by:

  • Identifying vicarious trauma symptoms and how to recognise these;
  • Discussing management of vicarious trauma;
  • Effective self care planning;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of self care plans;
  • Develop an effective self care plans;
  • Assess self-care plans effectively.

Our professional services

At Full Stop Australia, we work with organisations to develop customised evidence-based solutions to meet identified needs.

We engage in ongoing research to ensure our service align with best national and international practice in the field. Our organisations’ work is evidence based and we strive to deliver services of the highest quality.

We have extensive success in providing trauma-specialised interventions and supervision to frontline, advanced practitioners and leaders.

All vicarious trauma management training programs are audited regularly to ensure the information provided is evidence-based and current. Programs can be tailored based on the needs of each organisation and can be delivered to clinical and non-clinical audiences.