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Broderick Report reveals “disturbingly high” instances of sexual assault and harassment in NSW Parliament.

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Broderick Report reveals “disturbingly high” instances of sexual assault and harassment in NSW Parliament.

12 August 2022
Broderick press conference

The Independent Review into bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct at the Parliament of NSW (‘The Broderick Report’) has today been released, revealing a “devastating” workplace culture.

The Broderick Report has stated that five people in the NSW Parliament have experienced an actual or attempted sexual assault in Parliament.

Furthermore, the report revealed that one in five respondents have experienced sexual harassment in NSW Parliament.

Full Stop Australia CEO, Hayley Foster, said that she was shocked but unsurprised by the Broderick review’s findings in the NSW Parliament.

“The Broderick Report has revealed disturbingly high instances of sexual assault and harassment in the NSW Parliament,” Ms Foster said.

“This is an opportunity for not only the NSW Parliament but for all workplaces to reflect upon and consider how to create safe and respectful workplaces.”

“NSW Parliament should be the gold standard when it comes to the treatment of people in that workplace, however the Broderick Report has revealed that is very much not the case.”

“We have a long way to go in this country, and all workplaces across NSW and Australia should be proactively creating workplaces in which people can disclose sexual violence, bullying and harassment without fear.”

“The Broderick Report deals with distressing cases of sexual harassment and sexual violence, so it is important that people know support is available. We have extra trauma-specialist counsellors on the line at the moment ready to provide support. Just call 1800 FULL STOP (1800 385 578).”

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