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You can send an email about your concerns to your local Federal Member of Parliament, the Federal Attorney General, the Ministers for Women, Women’s Safety, and Youth, and to members of the Australian Senate.

Dear (insert MP/ AG, Minister, Senator’s name),

I am aware of the latest statistics of the Federal Court and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) that 80% of court matters involve allegations of family violence and 70% involve allegations of child abuse. I fully supportive the Government’s Family Law Exposure Draft to remove the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility, as it is concerning to promote shared decision making and care in a system with such high levels of violence and abuse. I support a family law system that resolutely prioritises safety in decision making and the best interests of children.

I support the additional reforms outlined in Full Stop Australia’s Summary Position Paper.

(Additional comments I would like to make)

Your faithfully,

……………………… (insert name)