Meeting the Moment: Trauma-informed Responses to Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Meeting the Moment: Trauma-informed Responses to Workplace Sexual Harassment

27 July 2022
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Full Stop Australia CEO Hayley Foster is leading a workshop on Trauma-informed Responses to Workplace Sexual Harassment in Perth on Thursday August 4.

Respect@Work and the WA parliament’s inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry have provided frameworks and recommendations for prevention and response to workplace sexual harassment.

This critical work is not easy. Changing the norms, practices and cultures that contribute to sexual harassment requires a whole-of-organisation approach; and it must be managed with sensitivity. Workplaces have heard the call and are acting on several fronts: education, policy, process, communication and response.

Full Stop Australia has over 50 years’ experience responding to disclosures and supporting individuals who have experienced sexual, domestic and family violence. We customised our long running and popular Responding with Compassion program to align with Champions of Change Coalition: Disrupting the System.

Come along on August 4th to find out practical and trauma-informed ways to listen to, respect, empower and support people impacted. We will focus on three key areas:

  1. Understanding how to create safety and what it means to be a “tellable person”
  2. Building skills and confidence in providing compassionate, but contained, responses
  3. How to refer effectively and appropriately