Full Stop Foundation putting domestic violence survivors in the driver's seat with help from NRMA Insurance

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Full Stop Foundation putting domestic violence survivors in the driver's seat with help from NRMA Insurance

27 October 2021
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30 specialist frontline agencies across Australia have received a share of $750,000 through a partnership between NRMA Insurance and the Full Stop Foundation.

The DV Impact Cash Transfer project, managed by Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, aims to help people impacted by domestic violence by empowering them to make their own financial choices to achieve safety and recover from violence.

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia Chief Executive Officer, Hayley Foster, said it is important to give survivors financial autonomy as they work to establish themselves after experiencing domestic violence.

“We know money can be a major reason people stay in an abusive environment. Often, not having access to an escape fund can be the difference between staying or leaving or making the home secure once the abuser is removed,” Ms Foster said.

“We expect this funding will demonstrate how adept people experiencing violence and abuse are at keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and rebuilding their lives if afforded the means to do so.

“Our hope is to bring a compelling case to governments and corporates of the relative effectiveness of a more dignified and self-determining approach when it comes to domestic violence support.”

The funds have been delivered to 30 frontline specialist services which provide domestic and family violence support throughout Australia after they completed an Expression of Interest process.

These agencies will be distributing between $1,000 to $5,000 in flexible support to eligible clients, working with them to purchase essential items to support their safety and wellbeing in accordance with their individual circumstances.

Services were selected on the basis of their demonstrated capacity to support people impacted by domestic and family violence with case management and financial support.

Priority was given to agencies that supported clients from diverse communities including Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse peoples, people with disability, LGBTIQ+ people, young people, people on temporary visas, and those in rural and remote locations.

As one of the 30 agencies to receive the funding, National Council of Single Mothers and their Children chief executive officer, Terese Edwards, said the funding will be life changing.

“Too often we talk to women who cannot gain any financial support. It is wrong that their recovery from trauma is within the context of housing stress and food insecurity. Financial hardship removes hope, it robs children of a childhood and of joy,” Ms Edwards said.

“I know that the power of hope, the ability to breathe and to feel promise will remain way beyond the end of the purchasing power. It is a much wanted and needed gift that these funds will support.”

The project is the second phase of the $2 million NRMA Insurance investment with Full Stop Foundation, following the 2020 launch of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia’s Domestic Violence Impact Line, a free, confidential, 24/7 trauma specialist telephone and online counselling service available to both victim-survivors of violence and abuse, and their supporters.

NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager Customer Experience, Danielle Handley, said the funding is part of NRMA Insurance’s ongoing work to help make communities safer, more connected and more resilient.

“COVID-19 has meant many Australians have spent more time at home and unfortunately, for some, home hasn’t been a safe environment,” Ms Handley said.

“NRMA Insurance is proud to support the Domestic Violence Impact Line and Cash Transfer Pilot to make it easer for people to access counselling and tangible support, which is critical to ensuring anyone who needs help can access it in a way that’s safe and appropriate for them.”

If you or someone you know needs support, call the new Domestic Violence Impact Line 24/7 on 1800 943 539 or access online counselling via www.rape-dvservices.org.au/

About Full Stop Foundation:

The Full Stop Foundation raises funds to resource the work of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia.

The support of philanthropic donors, trusts and corporate foundations have enabled us to develop key programs, put vital infrastructure in place and build our internal capacity. Together, we are putting a full stop to sexual, domestic and family violence.

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia is a non-profit organisation that provides expert, trauma informed telephone, online and face-to-face counselling for those whose lives have been impacted by sexual, domestic and family violence. This counselling not only helps people recover from the trauma they are experiencing but provides practical support in navigating violent and abusive situations, safety planning and referral to other services.

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia also provides counselling and advice for those supporting their friends, family members, colleagues and community members impacted by sexual, domestic and family violence and delivers a range of educational training programs to organisations, universities and workplaces to prevent this violence from happening in the first place.

About NRMA Insurance:

NRMA Insurance is one of Australia’s most trusted and general insurance providers – helping people protect the things they care about since 1920. It has a long proud history of working with communities to build their resilience against severe weather and keep people safer on the road. Almost three million customers across NSW, Queensland, ACT, and Tasmania choose NRMA Insurance to protect their homes, vehicles, businesses, motorcycles, boats, pets and travel.

In July 2020, IAG introduced its Family and Domestic Violence Policy to help customers who may be affected by family and domestic violence. NRMA Insurance customers experiencing family and domestic violence can visit https://www.nrma.com.au/fdv-assistance for more information on the support and resources available.