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Huge announcement for safety and respect at work

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Tuesday 27 September 2022

The federal government has committed to fully implementing recommendations from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Respect@ Work Report. Organisations will now have a positive duty to ensure that all workers are safe from sexual harassment.

Full Stop Australia is thrilled to work alongside workplaces to eliminate sexual harassment, as well as ensure that those experiencing it are responded to in a trauma-informed, compassionate way.

To find out how we our Respectful Workplaces programming can support your workplace, get in touch with our training team. We support workplaces through:

  • Trauma-informed responding with compassion (for all staff, contact officers, People & Culture)
  • Ethical bystander intervention (all staff and leaders)
    Leadership in action (for workplace leaders)
  • Consultancy services to develop person-centered, trauma informed policy and process