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Full Stop Australia organises and supports campaigns to raise awareness about issues raised by our counsellors, clients, advocates and partners.

We have provided support to the #LetHerSpeak, #TeachUsConsent, #March4Justice and #AffirmativeConsent campaigns.

Take a look at our current campaign below!

Support Survivors of Sexual Violence in NSW

Currently 1 in 3 people who call the NSW Sexual Violence Helpline can't get through because of lack of funding. At a time when someone hopes to talk to a trauma-specialist counsellor about their experience of sexual violence, they reach a voicemail.

This is why we started the 'Support Survivors of Sexual Violence in NSW' campaign, to encourage the NSW Government to properly fund sexual violence services.

The funding break-down includes:

  • $923,701 in additional core annual funding to cover operational costs of the NSW Sexual Violence Helpline
  • $467,679 as a one-off funding allocation to improve access to sexual violence services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse people, LGBTIQA+ communities, people with disabilities and children and young people.

$1.4million in the upcoming budget is not too much to ask to ensure people impacted by sexual violence get the help and support they need at their moment of crisis and as they take steps towards healing.

If you're from NSW, please take one minute to support our campaign by clicking here.