16 Days of Activism

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Full Stop Australia hosted a number of free events during 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

The Future of Respectful Relationships Education with Chanel Contos
Monday, 29 November 6.30pm-8pm
Watch the event below:

Family Law Reform Lived Expertise Forum
Friday, December 3 10am-11.30am
Join us for a collaborative discussion with family law experts on the need for vital legal reform across Australia to better support sexual, domestic and family violence survivors.
Watch the event below:

Addressing sexual violence and abuse impacting LGBTQ+ communities
Monday, 6 December 2.30pm-3.30pm
Join us for an informative discussion on sexual violence and abuse and its impact on LGBTQ+ communities.
Watch the event below:

Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Equality Forum
Tuesday, 7 December 10am-11am
Join us as we discuss the importance of social responsibility and gender equality in corporate environments.
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Redrawing the lines - Gender violence, abuse and harassment in sport
Tuesday, 7 December 4pm-5pm
Join key sporting leaders for a conversation about the state of play when it comes to gendered violence in sport, what’s changing, and what more needs to be done.
Watch the event below: