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The Domestic Violence Cash Transfer Project (DV Cash Transfer Project) stems from the belief that the safest place for the provision of financial support for victim-survivors experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence (SDFV) is the very organisation with which they have already established trust and safety. As such, Full Stop Australia with the support of NRMA Insurance, which is part of IAG, Australia's largest general insurance company, established the DV Cash Transfer Project which sought to address the financial constraints caused by the impacts of SDFV.

The DV Cash Transfer Project provided support to 483 victim-survivors by distributing $750,000 to 30 domestic and family violence services nationally. These services then were able to provide their clients with the emergency resources they need to achieve safety and heal from the violence and trauma they experienced. With the support of NRMA Insurance, the DV Cash Transfer Project was able to facilitate victim-survivors economic independence. This financial assistance was able to not only relieve the financial pressure that comes with making the decision to leave a violent home, but also contributed to the safety and wellbeing of the victim-survivor and where relevant, their children. Victim-survivors had access to a lump sum payment between $1,000 - $5,000, in cash to ensure there was immediate relief of financial pressure and to further facilitate enhanced autonomy and independence.

The following Outcomes Report details an overview of the DV Cash Transfer Project and provides insight into the benefits of facilitating and empowering victim-survivors to make their own financial choices to achieve safety and recover from violence and trauma.