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Our Full Stop ambassadors are committed to using their voices, influence and networks to help us build a future free of sexual, domestic and family violence.


Dhanya Mani

Activist, survivor, writer, and founder of Kate’s List

“I am a survivor of child abuse, who has been repeatedly re-victimised as an adult through my experiences of domestic violence and sexual assault. I believe that prevention of domestic violence is the key to breaking the often lifelong cycle of re-traumatisation and re-victimisation that countless women like myself have endured - and presently endure. I am also particularly passionate about amplifying the voices and experiences of women of colour."

"Serious issues for women of colour living in Australia including attempted or actual forced marriage, and reproductive coercion, have impacted my life. These issues, and many more that are rarely part of the national conversation, continue to impact countless women of colour. Every day that we fail to recognise the threats they face is another day that we risk their lives. I want to dedicate myself to shining a light on these issues, and advocate for the reforms needed so that all women and children can feel safe and represented. That is why I am so humbled by, and grateful for, the opportunity to be an ambassador for Full Stop."


Amani Haydar

Award-winning artist, lawyer, writer and advocate for women’s health and safety based in Western Sydney. Amani’s Mum, Salwa Haydar, was 1 of 84 women who lost their lives violently in Australia in 2015. Amani engages in creative storytelling and advocacy in honour of her mother’s life, exploring the personal and political dimensions of abuse, violence and trauma.


Nina Funnell

Author, Our Watch Walkley award-winning journalist and advocate against violence against women.

“As a community, we all have an obligation to come together to put a full stop to sexual assault and domestic violence. Having spent many years speaking out and reporting on these issues, it is a tremendous privilege to be invited to be an ambassador for Full Stop Australia. If we are serious about addressing sexual, domestic and family violence and supporting survivors, then we must stand united in declaring that such violence is absolutely unacceptable.”


Adair Donaldson

Founder and Director of Donaldson Law

I am very honoured to play a part in raising awareness of violence against women and helping to reduce the rates of sexual assault and domestic violence in Australia. I have been fortunate to work in partnership with the team at Full Stop Australia over the last 10 years and I am very proud to be able to advocate on their behalf.”


Mary Konstantopoulos

Founder of Ladies Who League

"Violence against women and children is completely unacceptable in any context. Unfortunately we still live in a world where gendered violence is still a problem our society is dealing with.

As a person who is passionate about gender equality and who truly believes in the importance of respect, I am so proud to work with Full Stop Australia which has such a vital role in raising awareness about violence against women, and educating and supporting our communities until sexual assault and domestic violence are completely eradicated.

We all have a role to play and I am committed to helping create a more equal and tolerant world."


Drisana Levitzke Gray

Motivational Speaker. Auslan and Accessibility Consultant. Human Rights Advocate.

Spending her time inspiring and encouraging the wider community to accept diversity, Drisana promotes the Deaf community as one without borders and one of rich language. Recognising that women with disabilities are 40% more likely to be the victims of domestic violence than women without disabilities, Drisana supports Full Stop Australia to continue to provide accessible and appropriate counselling support for those who have experienced or who are at risk of sexual assault, family or domestic violence and their non offending supporters.


Alan Tongue

ACT Australian of the Year 2017 and one of the great former Canberra Raiders rugby league players.

Alan combines compassion and excellent leadership skills as an Ambassador for the NRL’s Voice against Violence program. Alan shares our passion to raise awareness and understands the importance of inspiring and engaging young people and works consistently to change the culture of family and domestic violence with his outstanding mentoring and education programs.


David Sharpe

David brings with him 30 years of experience in various national and international law enforcement roles, holding senior positions in a professional sporting code and headed up Australia’s national anti-doping organisation until its move over to Sport Integrity Australia.


Chanel Contos

Survivor-advocate and founder of the Teach Us Consent movement. Chanel was sick of constantly hearing about her friends’ experiences of sexual abuse, she is now calling for a mandated inclusion of consent education in Australian schools.


Dr Manjula O'Connor

Clinical Psychiatrist and Chairs Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Family Violence Psychiatry Network . She is Adjunct Professor University of New South Wales Department of Social Sciences, Hon Senior Fellow at the Department of Psychiatry University of Melbourne. She is a clinician, researcher, reviewer of journals, advocate and works closely with community in prevention of family violence. Manjula clinical and research work is around women’s mental health and family violence.

"Human rights give us freedoms, including sexual freedoms but with that comes responsibilities. Appropriate sex etiquette is everyone's responsibility."


Tanya Hosch

General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy at the AFL. Tanya has a long and distinguished history in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy, advocacy, governance and fundraising.

Before joining the AFL as the first ever Indigenous person and 2nd woman in their Executive ranks in August 2016, Tanya was the Joint Campaign director of the Recognise movement for constitutional recognition.

At the AFL Tanya's portfolios include - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, Gender Equality, Sexuality and Gender Diversity, racism and sexism. Tanya is tasked with the implementation of the AFL's enhanced Indigenous strategy, advising the AFL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Council, maintenance of the Respect and Responsibility Policy, 2017, the AFL's Gender Action Plan and the Gender Diversity Policy.